Forest Management & Consulting

New Wave Forestry Ltd. works directly with woodlot owners to develop short or long-term management plans based on their goals and objectives. Our staff can recommend silviculture treatments, sustainable harvesting plans, and design management plans to promote wildlife habitats, recreational values and overall ecological diversity. We strive to keep our woodlot owners happy by engaging them in the process and providing detailed maps and reports.

One of our specialties is the design and creation of walking or ATV trails through a woodlot. We cut out the trail system, and then using our wood chipper, chip all the brush and debris, leaving a very clean, accessible trail though the woodlot, providing an opportunity for the woodlot owner to enjoy their healthy, improved woodlot.

Providing a detailed inventory of the separate forest stands in a woodlot, and determining an estimate of volumes of species and products.

Maintaining boundary lines is an essential part of woodlot management. Through various resources (aerial photography, maps property deeds etc.) we are able to locate existing evidence and renew the lines before they become permanently lost. The result is a clearly defined woodlot, complete with striking painted blazes.

The felling and removal of hazardous or unsightly trees in residential areas, or the removal and clearing of wooded land for development or roads. New Wave Forestry Ltd. is a fully-insured forestry contractor with a focus on safety and a staff of highly trained chainsaw operators.

We have forest technicians with lots of experience capable of accurately measuring a variety of landforms, forest stands, property boundaries and roadways using GPS units. New Wave Forestry Ltd. also can provide detailed maps and reports based on this information.