The planting of seedlings in a woodlot with the intention of completely stocking the area to ensure a healthy, future forest stand. New Wave Forestry provides locally sourced softwood or tolerant hardwood seedlings, and encourages a mix of species.

This treatment is completed in young stands to control unwanted vegetation, while providing desired crop trees growing space and a chance to become further advanced

Pre-commercial thinning occurs in stands that have not yet reached merchantable size. The removable of suppressed, unhealthy or undesired stems improves growth potential for the selected vigorously growing crop trees. This treatment generally occurs when the stems are between 2-7 metres in height and can be prescribed in softwood or hardwood stands, with an objective of retaining approx. 1800-2500 stems per hectare.

The improvement of a stand by releasing the desired tree’s crown for overtopping or competing trees. This encourages the growth potential of the released trees and provides an opportunity for developing commercially valuable stands.

Often combined with crop tree release; this treatment removes the lower limbs of the crop trees and promotes the development of one strong, central stem.